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When I Miss My Friends

Bonjooouurr! Asli, kangen banget nulis disini 😄. Kalau dilihat-lihat, gue udah nggak blogging semenjak awal tahun 2021. Gue tidak ingin mengklaim diri gue sibuk, tapi pada kenyataannya, selama gue nggak nge- blog, banyak sekali hal yang perlu gue rumat sebagai budak korporat. Budak korporat disini nggak selalu negatif kok, hihi. I was attended a quite-long training from my company. Pelatihan yang biasanya hanya memakan waktu sekitar sebulan, ini bisa ditotal jadi tiga sampai empat bulan. Pelatihan ini sangat penting untuk karyawan baru di divisi gue, jadi gue nggak boleh menyia-nyiakannya. Apa yang gue dapatkan kemarin akan sangat mempengaruhi performa gue sebagai karyawan di perusahaan gue. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels Aktivitas yang menurut gue melelakan--namun juga mengasyikan--ini lah yang membuat gue ngga fokus untuk berpikir yang lain. Oh, kalau ada teman-teman yang bilang gue aktif di media sosial tapi nggak blogging , somehow , ada feel yang sempat hilang disini. Un


Let's talk about me and you.

I like something colorful.
Something that has more than one colors so dazzled me, and makes me don't want to quit.
It won't bother my retinas though.

You are a yellow, who makes my life feels like a cheerful youth in every single day. It brights me up, so I could always see how beautiful life is.
You are a green, gives me serenity and savor, and it runs in my veins. Your grasp as my shield, that offers me a huge safety in each day.
You are a red, bold, fighter, and no one could against you when it comes about me. You are brave, and you want to protect me. I want to be a brave person too, so I could protect you.
You are a blue. Peaceful is your bloodstream, makes my heart fulled with something goods. Your humbleness which surrounds me, I don't want to take it off.
You are a white, because just with a pure heart, you love me. How a virtuous person you are.
You are a black. So unpredictable. Your life fulls of mystery. Cold as ice, and you already appeals me. Stories that just came up from your lips bring in a huge curiousity.

But sometimes I could see you from a contrast point.
You still yellow, but so pierce. You forget me when you are shining.
You still green, but not just for me. There are many girls you want to safe in your hands.
You still red, but you are too bold, and I can't even understand what you want.
You still blue, but another blue. I don't own your sadness. I wish I could help you but, I still can't. How pity I am.
You still white, but you can't take care of yourself to remain pure. You stains your heart with dark things.

And it makes you fit with black.

You still black, always black. In every thoughts you have, you already tortured me.

And if I sum up, it turns out with me : who like something colorful, and you : the colorful one, with thousands senses.



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